Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Monday, July 13, 2020

The best way to make sure something never happens is to ask a perfectionist to do it. The constant pursuit of perfection leads to projects which take forever. Particularly in the software world where, one could argue, there is no such thing as perfect (all code has bugs, right!?).

At its worst, the constant need to make sure things are perfect before releasing them to the world can lead to never starting in the first place.

On the continuum of quality that runs from excrement to perfection, there lie many points which - for all practical purposes - are more than sufficient. In many cases, ‘good’ is entirely acceptable. How about ‘very good’ or even ‘exceptional’ and ‘world class’? These are all reasonable things to aim for and yet they all fall short of ‘perfect’.

There are a number of hobby projects that I’ve started but never finished - and many which haven’t even got that far (my previous blog being a prime example)!

Is the reason the pursuit of perfection, or a fear of failure? I suspect it’s a little of each.

A Fresh Start

It’s time for a change, and what better way to break old habits than to try something completely new!? So - here I am building a new blog, and live streaming me doing it on Twitch.

It’s not going to be the best blog in the world. It’s going to use a theme that I didn’t build myself (and, with my design skills, that’s certainly no bad thing). But - it’s going to be built - and put live. Tonight.

I intend to continue streaming regularly, with the goal of ‘delivering’ something in every stream. In this case, it’s a new blog site. Future streams may involve the creation of a small component of a larger system - but always something complete.

Whether anyone decides to watch me while I do it is another matter. I suspect I’ll need to talk about what I’m doing more than I do at the moment - but I’d just be talking to myself at this stage!

Wish me luck…


Building a Blog With Hugo